The Coldfire Campaign

Session 2: Zorrik, Goblins, and Erky Timbers

20 Month of Gifts 4228 AE, Late Evening

We picked up an hour after we left off, with Zari and Ianos having just regained consciousness after the previous fight. The group decided that the best course of action would be to retreat to the kobold area again for another long rest. They made their way back to the room where they met Meepo, and they heard fighting ahead. Peering around the corner into the hallway leading to Yusdrayl’s throne, Durian saw a goblin slaughter a kobold commoner towards the end of the hall. At that moment, the group heard the door they came through slam behind them, and running up to it, they heard footsteps running back towards the sanctuary.

The group pursued the mystery character and came upon a tiefling fighting two giant rats. They assisted in the fight, and afterwards, Zorrik introduced himself as a spellcaster. Zorrik said he was in the Sunless Citadel because a woman named Tias had told him there was a powerful magic item to be found.

He decided to travel with the group, and they all decided to go through a nearby door. They passed through an empty room and slowly opened the next door, which had a warning bell attached to the other side. Stax rang the bell in a botched attempt at disarming it, which alerted someone to their presence at the other end of the hall filled with caltrops. The party quickly dispatched the two goblins hiding behind the low wall, then lured one more into the room after filling it with the caltrops. They heard an additional goblin run away before entering the next room, a practice range with crude human-sized targets on the wall.

One of the adjacent rooms had a barred window in the door, and inside that room were three captive kobolds and a gnome in a cage. They freed the kobolds and gave them a scimitar, and the kobolds said they would hide in the sanctuary with the magic dragon door. The gnome introduced himself as Erky Timbers, an acolyte of the God of the Silver Hand (Stax recalled this was a good-aligned god, something to do with light or luck). The human adventuring party had been held in the same stockade two months prior, and Erky said they were removed when Belak, a powerful spellcaster in the grove below the citadel, sent for them. When the party asked Erky to join them, he happily agreed, saying it was the least he could do after being rescued.

The party went through a storage room into a hallway with several doors. The first door they tried was a room covered in frost, and the dragon wyrmling Calcryx was hiding behind a table. Calcryx didn’t want to leave, and used its breath attack on the party, knocking three of them unconscious right off the bat. The party members were somewhat healed by Ianos and Erky, and Zorrik popped off some fire bolts at the dragon, burning its face and destroying an eye. The group retreated to the store room for a rest, barricading the doors.

21 Month of Gifts 4228 AE

Durian took first watch, which was uneventful. During Zorrik’s watch, some goblins came to the practice range for some conversation and a meal but didn’t try the store room door. Zari took final watch after her four-hour trance, and two goblins tried to open the door but found it blocked. Battle ensued, and the party was ultimately victorious. Most of the group had regained their strength and use of their spells at this point, so they went back to the hallway to check the other doors.

They found that one door led to a large room filled with goblins, many of whom were commoners. Two of the doors in the hallway led to the same auxiliary hallway, with two more doors at the end of it: one leading to the same goblin common room, and one leading to a different room that also had a few goblins in it. The final door led to a room with a fire and four bedrolls, with no goblins in sight. Exploring further, the group found one more goblin barracks with empty bedrolls, and wondered where all the goblins had gone.

The night ended with the group debating whether they should lead the wyrmling into the room filled with goblins, deciding against it for now. Zari was speculating about whether they should double back the way they came and look for a way downstairs to the grove.



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